By the year 2400, kitties evolved and colonized the Solar System, establishing seven Astro Kitty factions. For years, Kitties have enjoyed peace and prosperity.

One day, Kitties’ cheese supplies attracted the most powerful and evil force in the Galaxy – the Evil Mice Empire. The Evil Mice conquered the Kitty planets and ruled with great terror.

Enough is enough! 10,000 brave Kitties from all seven worlds formed the Astro Kitties Alliance. Their mission is simple: take back their cheese and defeat the Evil Mice Empire once and for all! 




Players will use their Astro Kitties as characters in an exciting adventure across The Sandbox and Decentraland metaverses. Begin your journey as a new recruit to the Astro Kitty Alliance, a rebellion set to free Kitties from the oppressive rule of the Evil Mice. 

As you explore the dark secrets of the seven Kitty worlds and fight against the Evil Mice Empire, you will slowly start to unravel the greatest conspiracy the galaxy has ever known. Brave Kitty, do you have what it takes to stand up for justice?


Compete for $100,000 in ETH in the metaverse’s biggest multiplayer survival contest. Fight epic space-monsters, solve puzzles, and defeat other players in your quest for ETH! Participation in quarterly tournaments open to all Kitties.



Become a part of the Astro Kitties community to receive many exciting perks!

Play the Space Odyssey Game

Become a hero and join the epic adventure across The Sandbox & Decentraland metaverses!

Compete For $100,000 in ETH

Take part in a massive metaverse survival competition for your chance to win $100K in ETH, every quarter!

Profit With Astro Game Fund DAO & Launchpad

Exclusive for $ASTRO token holders. Decide the future of the Astro metaverse and invest into gaming projects with fellow Kitties!

Party In The Metaverse

Hang out and party in Decentraland’s Intergalactic Lounge. Events exclusively for Kitties.

Learn at AstroCademy

Exclusive library of tutorials, workshops and tools for gaming crypto & NFT investors. 

Claim Your Astro Pass Membership

Your NFT is a pass to upcoming gaming NFT mints, airdrops and more! 


As Kitties explored the Solar System, they settled down on seven worlds: Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus, Europa, Mercury and Uranus. 

Over the centuries, Kitties from each world have mutated, learning to survive in hostile environments, read minds and teleport across great distances. Some even possess knowledge of ancient alien magic that they discovered from their archeological expeditions.

Each faction has a variety of buffs, special defence and attack abilities and emotes that you can use in The Sandbox and Decentraland metaverses. Your Kitty’s faction will make a significant difference to your play style in the Kitty Space Odyssey game, The Lounge and the Galactic Olympics.


Our mission is to create the first space-themed, cross-metaverse gaming brand fully controlled by a DAO-managed Astro Game Fund. We are here for the long run!

Q4 2021

Q1 2022

Q2 2022

Q3 2022


Astro Kitties NFTs & governance token are on the BSC network. ERC20 gas fees are extremely high. This makes investing in NFTs unaffordable to most people and limits the metaverse and crypto adoption. We believe the metaverse should be open and available to everyone, not just those who can afford participating in costly gas wars. Moreover, out team has experience in the BSC space as many of us started our crypto journey here and have participated in numerous successful BSC projects.

All in-game character and wearables NFTs will be on the Polygon network. This is the chain used by Decentraland and Sandbox. The characters/wearables will be airdropped on the Polygon network to the same wallets that hold Astro Kitty NFTs. We will guide all investors in adding Polygon network to their wallets, if they haven’t configured it already.

Yes, there will be a governance token which will give holders access to voting in the Astro DAO. $ASTRODAO will be on the BSC network.

Early presale participants and promoters will be airdropped the governance token. Please check our Telegram for the most updated information on airdrops and token sales.

Each Astro Kitties were created algorithmically using the following 7 properties: Background, Skin, Mouth, Eyes, Eyewear, Headwear, Shirt. These generations are completely random.

The minting process is totally random.

Out of 10k NFTs, 200 NFTs are reserved for the team and giveaways. The rest will be sold during presales and public sale. Check our social media channels for the most updated info regarding presale dates, amounts, etc.

The price will depend on the price of BNB at the time of mint. Join our Telegram and follow us on Twitter for all the updates!

Sandbox is the Roblox of crypto gaming — decentralized with proof of ownership, economics and limitless creativity of web3. With a constant stream of big name partnerships such as Atari, The Walking Dead, etc, The Sandbox is already one of the most well-known and respected metaverses.

The Sandbox’s approach to creating a holistic suite of metaverse-creation tools, their brilliant marketing and partnership efforts — all of this makes us confident that we are building our experiences in a metaverse that will be used by millions of players in the next 5 years.

With lots of new features coming to the platform, we are certain that Decentraland will be one of the most popular metaverses for years to come. Decentraland will be used primarily for social experiences such as the Intergalactic Lounge, while Sandbox will be used to create our more sophisticated games.

Instead of focusing on just The Sandbox, our games will span across multiple metaverses as each metaverse has its own unique advantages. 

We are partnering with Polygonal Mind and MyReality to create experiences inside of the Decentraland and The Sandbox metaverses.

Our partners from Polygonal Mind will recreate all 10k Kitties for the Sandbox metaverse. We will airdrop you the voxel version of your Kitty NFTs 1:1. Your Kitty’s wearables will come as individual NFTs, meaning you can sell your wearables/equipment and purchase new items in the game! Your original Kitty NFT will always stay unchanged.

You will need to create a Sandbox account using the Ethereum wallet you used to purchase your Kitties. You will then get full access to the Intergalactic Lounge and the Kitty Space Odyssey game.

Similarly to The Sandbox, your Kitty NFTs will also be recreated in Decentraland. You will need an Ethereum wallet to play the game and claim your character. More details on Decentraland will be coming at the beginning of 2022!

By purchasing a Kitty NFT, you are also purchasing separate NFTs for The Sandbox and Decentraland, along with every single piece of clothing/accessories of your Kitty as separate NFTs in both metaverses.

The Intergalactic Lounge is a social experience built as a meeting hub for our community. Explore, chill and meet up with your fellow Kitties. All of our events will be held in The Lounge.

The Kitty Space Odyssey game will span across multiple metaverses. Most of the game will be played on The Sandbox, while side-quests and additional levels will be experienced through Decentraland and later OVR.ai augmented reality.

The Galactic Olympics is multiplayer survival contest open to all Kitties. Players will be going through Survivor/Hunger Games style challenges, broadcasted across social media. The most dedicated Kitty will win $100,000 in ETH! We will possibly invite other NFT brands to participate in the challenges along with our Kitties, in which case the prize pot will be at least doubled. 

After the DAO will be created in Q1 of 2022, our community will be able to vote on the direction of the project, including which metaverses we should build in next! We are planning to recruit team members from our community to help us build Space-Themed games and experiences across multiple metaverses!

All $ASTRO token holders will be able to vote on the direction of the project. The Astro DAO will determine the future of the experiences we’re developing, including the plot of the Kitty Space Odyssey game and the experiences inside of the Intergalactic Lounge.

Astro DAO will also manage the Astro Game Fund, a fund managed by the DAO investing exclusively into early-stage gaming projects. Astro DAO’s research team will present a number of options to our Kitties for a public vote, however, all Kitties can submit their own proposals as to why the DAO must invest into a specific project. All projects will be screened and AMAs with their founders will be arranged.

Yes, 5%.

100% of all secondary sale royalties (yes, 100%!) will contributed to developing the Astro Kitties brand across multiple metaverses.

Yes! You are the sole owner of your NFT(s) and have full commercial rights. For more details, see Terms and Conditions below.

Astro Kitties live on the Binance Smart Chain. You would need a compatible wallet like Trust Wallet or Metamask to mint your Kitty. 

Your in-game NFTs will be airdropped to you via the Polygon network to the same wallet that is holding your BSC Kitty NFT(s). 

As an early supported, you will get your Kitties at a discounted price! You will also receive an airdrop of our governance token. Check our Telegram for the latest details on presale dates and amounts. 


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